Precision medicine is a tailored approach to health, incorporating an individual’s genetic make-up, environment, and lifestyle, and is a new frontier offering much promise for disease prevention and cure.

Recent advances in precision medicine have been driven by rapid progress in genomic sequencing, and advanced therapeutics such as gene therapies for ocular, neuromuscular, oncology and other disease areas. These are already being delivered in NSW, with the first publicly funded, TGA-approved gene therapies at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, as well as many clinical trials for advanced and other precision therapies at Royal Prince Alfred, Westmead and Royal North Shore Hospitals and with our national and international networks.

However, there remain significant barriers to broader translation of precision medicine into healthcare, including lack of equitable patient access to genomic diagnosis, prerequisite for precision genetic therapies, and lack of appropriate systems for access to and implementation of advanced therapies and clinical trials.


This CAG encompasses a unique group of leaders in genomic medicine, subspecialty medical areas and education, partnered with consumers, policymakers, and implementation science collaborators to address these barriers, by:

  1. Developing a translational research approach focussing on genomic multidisciplinary models of care, genomic upskilling and education, and integration into non-genetics specialties.
  2. Building capacity and capabilities for better patient access to genomics and precision medicine
  3. Developing sustainable and scalable models of care for implementation of precision medicine in clinical trials and therapy pathways.

Leadership Team

Chairs: Professor Robyn Jamieson & Associate Professor Yemima Berman

  • Clin/ Prof Bruce Bennetts
  • Prof John Grigg
  • Clin A/ Prof Kristi Jones
  • Dr Alan Ma
  • Dr Hugh McCarthy
  • Dr Amali Mallawaarachchi
  • Ms Jan Mumford
  • Dr Rosie O’Shea
  • Clin A/ Prof Natalie Silove
  • Dr Michael Tchan

Disciplines represented in leadership team
Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Women's Health and Family Medicine, Nephrology, Metabolic Medicine and Neurogenetics, Implementation Science, Diagnostic Genomics

SHP Organisations
Sydney Children's Hospitals Network, Northern Sydney LHD, Sydney LHD, Western Sydney LHD, The University of Sydney

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