Cardiovascular disease accounts for one in four of all deaths, claims a life every 13 minutes and costs Australia $10.4 billion a year

Our Cardiovascular network is closely aligned with the Cardiovascular Initiative (CVI) and through it to the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (AcVA), the peak leadership body for the advancement of heart, stroke and vascular disease research in Australia.

CVI provides a strategic interface between the fundamental cardiovascular research of the University of Sydney and its affiliated medical research institutes, and the translational and clinical work of Sydney Health Partners. By taking a multidisciplinary approach, CVI and our cardiovascular network provide researchers and clinicians with a cohesive, dynamic and collaborative framework built on common goals.

Network Leads

National Collaboration

The close relationship between the CVI and ACvA has seen the University of Sydney achieve the highest representation of any institution on the ACvA leadership and advisory panels, as well as the MRFF Mission for Cardiovascular Health expert advisory panel.  The CVI also worked closely with the ACvA to develop the successful proposal, led by Professor Gemma Figtree in her role as President of the ACvAm for a MRFF Mission for Cardiovascular Health.

In February 2019, the Federal Minister for Health announced the $220 million MRFF Mission for Cardiovascular Health. Since then the CVI has worked closely with the ACvA to develop the national ACvA strategy and expert teams that will advise the Mission. The first two national ACvA events were presented in partnership with the CVI and hosted at the University of Sydney in November 2019. These events attracted sponsorship and collaboration from industry, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Bioplatforms Australia and the Australian Phenomics Network.

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The best way to get involved with the SHP Cardiovascular network is to contact its leaders directly, or email for more information about the group and its work.

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