Clinical trials are the essential link between discovery, research and the implementation of evidence-based improvements to healthcare

The Sydney Health Partners Clinical Trials network is a multi-disciplinary group, including active clinical trialists and research administrators. Its strategic goal is for Sydney Health Partners to be recognised as the most productive and clinical trial-friendly research partnership in Australia. The network is working to promote the implementation of research results and embed trials into clinical practice within our Local Health District Partners, ensuring our patients receive outstanding care and access to emerging treatments.

Network Leads

ClinTrial Refer

Through the clinical trial network, Sydney Health Partners has supported the development of ClinTrial Refer, an app designed to improve efficiencies recruiting participants for clinical trials.  ClinTrial Refer creates and maintains up-to-date databases of clinical trials currently recruiting patients, with its mobile applications making it easier for patients or their doctors to find a suitable trial.

With Sydney Health Partners' support, version 2.0 of the app combined 20 databases, previously separated by discipline and location, into a single digital platform.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved with the Clinical Trials network is to contact the leads directly.