By harnessing the power of ehealth and informatics, we can better support clinical-decision making and develop new efficiencies in health care

The Informatics and eHealth network is closely aligned with the Digital Health Network, which spans the Sydney Health Partners, as well as a number of major University centres and initiatives including the Charles Perkins Centre, the Brain & Mind Centre and the Cancer Research Network.

We are an open network created to improve future efficiency, quality, and efforts in digital health and informatics. Our vision is to prevent illness, promote wellness and improve care through purposeful collaboration and innovation in digital health and informatics.

Digital health and informatics is a wide area that encompasses a variety of topics. While our focuses are varied and cross-cutting, the following five domains are our primary areas of interest:

  • Promoting Informed Healthcare Delivery
  • Safely Managing & Sharing Information
  • Supporting Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation
  • Towards Personalised Health
  • Building Digital Literacy.

Network Leads

Data-Driven Healthcare

Our members are driving and supporting a number of initiatives through Sydney Health Partners to support the use of digital health and informatics research to optimise models of care and care delivery. These projects include SPEED-EXTRACT, a project that proves eMR patient data can be presented to doctors in a clinically-meaningful way; the Data Accord, which unifies requirements researchers must meet if they want to extract de-identified patient data from any of our Partners; and the Cellulitis: Health Legs Program (HeLP), a new, allied health-led model of care to prevent cellulitis.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved with the SHP Data and Informatics network is to contact the network leads directly, or visit the Digital Health and Informatics Network website for more information on their work.

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