Neuroimmunological disorders impact an estimated 592,600 people in Australia across all genders, ages and population groups

The SHP Neuroscience network is closely aligned with Sydney Neuroimmunology at the Brain & Mind Centre at the University of Sydney. The group is made up of internationally-renowned clinicians and researchers, at the forefront of research into neurological disorders associated with immune dysfunction.

The team is leading a major research program, developing specialist diagnostic immunology services and novel treatment options for some of the most debilitating neurological disorders. The initiative represents the first of its magnitude in Australia and is leading improvements in the diagnosis, treatment and surveillance of therapy for patients.  

Network Leads

Translating Novel Diagnostic Tests from Lab to Clinic

Sydney Neuroimmunology have been focused on translating their novel diagnostic tests from the laboratory to the clinic. The team have recently completed validation studies of the MOG antibody test for use in the diagnosis of central nervous system inflammatory diseases such as optic neuritis, neuromyelitis optical spectrum disorder, multiple sclerosis and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. As of July 2020, the MOG antibody test has been listed on the TGA’s list of in-house in-vitro diagnostic medical devices and the team have reached the final stage before NATA accreditation and nationwide implementation.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved with the SHP Neuroscience network is to contact the leaders directly, or visit Sydney Neuroimmunology at the Brain & Mind Centre for more information about their work.