Grant Guidelines for Round 3

The grant guidelines for Round 3 are available here. The application submission guidelines are highly restrictive: eligible institutions must be incorporated and have an Australian Business Number (ABN); can only be a University, a Medical Research Institute, a corporate Commonwealth entity, or other corporation; and can only submit ONE application. This means the University of Sydney or an independent Medical Research Institute can submit only ONE application each. Our health service organisations are NOT deemed "eligible institutions" for this RART opportunity but are important "partner organisations".  Any individual may be named as a Chief Investigator (CI) on only ONE application.

Two streams of funding are available based on the geographic location of the lead organisation: Stream 1 for organisations based in urban areas; and Stream 2 for organisations based in rural areas. A total maximum of $27.5 million per stream is available in Round 3. The maximum individual grant amount is $10 million. The grant period is 5 years however funding will be paid over Years 1-3.

The MRFF RART Guidelines indicate that applicants are encouraged to seek strategic partnerships with organisations whose decisions and actions affect Australians’ health, health policy and health care delivery.  Partnerships with the health service organisations within Sydney Health Partners are especially important in this regard.  Partner organisations may also include federal, state, territory and local government; the private health sector; non-government organisations and charities; community organisations; and professional groups.