• Embed research into Multidisciplinary Teams to address clinically relevant questions
  • Build capacity through people support with funding from the Cancer Institute NSW and establishing mentoring opportunities
  • Increase consumer involvement in funding applications and establish mechanisms to support researchers with remuneration costs
  • Contribute to collaborative initiatives with other NSW Research Translation Centres (SPHERE and NSW Regional Health Partners) to develop and implement state-wide educational initiatives


  • Readiness for adoptive cell transfer therapies for cancer patients – Lead: Prof. Geraldine O’Neill

  • Effects of propranolol and celecoxib on skin cancer chemoprevention and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) progression – Prof. Diona Damian

Leadership Team

  • Prof. Anna DeFazio AM


  • Clin. Prof. Rosemary Balleine

  • A/Prof. Ilona Cunningham

  • Dr Luciano Dalla-Pozza

  • Prof. Alexander Engel

  • Prof. Paul Harnett

  • Prof. Lisa Horvath

  • Prof. Geraldine O’Neill

  • Prof. Roger Reddel

  • Prof. Tim Shaw

Disciplines represented in the leadership team

Medical Oncology, Surgery, Haematology, Pathology and Paediatric Oncology; Translational Research, Implementation Science and Digital Health