Research Translation Fellowships

The Research Translation Fellowship program provides five Fellows with protected time to upskill in research translation methods and implement health care improvement projects, whilst remaining in their substantive positions.

Each of the Fellows is undertaking a research translation project, focusing on implementation, scale up and impact, or health equity and access.

Clinical Academic Groups

The challenges that face our health services are increasingly complex and multifaceted. New treatments and interventions, even when well-proven, are not always widely adopted. And learnings gained in one healthcare setting are not always shared with others.

To successfully meet current and future healthcare challenges, researchers and clinicians must find new ways to collaborate across medical disciplines and health jurisdictions.

At Sydney Health Partners we foster collaborations that transcend these traditional boundaries. Our Clinical Academic Groups combine expertise from clinicians and researchers to improve the delivery of research outcomes.

The CAGs serve as a focal point for research translation activities between our health service partners, medical research institutes and the University of Sydney.

A goal of the CAGs is to increase the Partnership’s capacity and capability to undertake research translation by:

  • supporting, developing, and retaining clinicians and researchers interested in research translation
  • developing the infrastructure to increase the number of clinician-researchers amongst the next generation
  • developing a process for identifying clinicians not previously engaged in clinical research
  • generating interest and engagement in health services-led research
  • developing the skills of early career clinician-researchers that will enable them to apply for competitive research translation funding
  • fostering clinical research leadership skills in mid-career researchers

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