We are an unincorporated joint venture of four Sydney health services, the University of Sydney and ten affiliated medical research institutes. Together we are accredited as an Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

The National Health and Medical Research Council recognises leading centres of collaboration in Australia that excel in the provision of research-based health care and training through two initiatives:

  • Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres (AHRTCs) – established in 2014
  • Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (CIRHs) – established in 2016 to specifically recognise centres that address regional Australia population needs.

The core aim of the AHRTC and CIRH initiatives is to encourage excellent health research and translation in Australia by bringing together researchers, healthcare providers, education and training to improve the health and well-being of patients and the populations they serve.

Sydney Health Partners’ goal is to demonstrate that new evidence-based health interventions can be successfully implemented and scaled-up in large and diverse health systems. We describe this as translating research into better health outcomes.

Sydney Health Partners welcomes the interest and involvement of all researchers, clinicians and administrators working for (or with) our 15 Partner organisations. There are three ways to become involved:

  • Join a Collaborative Network
  • Contact one of our Platforms for translation and implementation
  • Subscribe to our email news updates

Visit our Get Involved page for more information.

To date we have provided three rounds of grants through the Rapid Applied Research Translation scheme of the Commonwealth’s Medical Research Future Fund. In addition, we have provided small pilot grants for Implementation Science research and for capacity building within our Collaborative Networks.

There are no current funding opportunities. To stay informed of any further grant calls, please subscribe to our newsletter.

We are building capacity and removing barriers to support clinical research.

In addition, we have been involved in the development of several resources and tools which can assist researchers.

We are helping health and medical researchers translate their discoveries into everyday clinical practice. By facilitating the sustained implementation of new health interventions, more of our world-class research will be put to practical use and the community will enjoy better health outcomes.