The Challenge

Australia’s healthcare system is challenged by spiralling rates of chronic and emerging diseases, ageing communities, health disparities, new technologies and rising costs.

In the face of increasing demands, it’s important we deliver more quickly, more often, on Australia’s substantial investment in health and medical research.

Too little of our world-class research is put to practical use. The uptake of new interventions is not spontaneous, and implementation is sometimes done incompletely, inconsistently and with limited effectiveness.

The Vision

Our vision is to transform the way research improves patient care and public health in our health system through strong collaboration, inclusive thinking and an overriding commitment to meet the health needs of our community.

To achieve this vision we will:

  • Deliver patient and public benefit: accelerating the transfer of research innovations into health care improvements
  • Achieve effective collaboration: facilitating a culture that cuts through the barriers to collaborative, efficient working among researchers and clinicians
  • Manage at scale: demonstrating that a collaborative translational research model can be successfully applied in a large diverse health system
  • Enhance international competitiveness: supporting the Partners to compete effectively for research resources and talent.


We are accredited by The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) as an Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre (AHRTC) – recognition of our leadership in research and the translation of evidence into excellent patient care.

To be recognised as an AHRTC in 2015, Sydney Health Partners met the following six criteria:

  1. Leadership in outstanding research- and evidence-based clinical care, including for the most difficult clinical conditions,
  2. Excellence in innovative biomedical, clinical, public health and health services research,
  3. Programs and activities to accelerate research findings into health care and ways of bringing health care problems to the researchers
  4. Research-infused education and training
  5. Health professional leaders who ensure that research knowledge is translated into policies and practices locally, nationally and internationally
  6. Strong collaboration amongst the research, translation, patient care and education programs.

A National Network

Sydney Health Partners is one of seven AHRTCs and three Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (CIRHs) accredited by NHMRC. The ten translation centres work together as the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA) to pursue their common goal of accelerating the pace and scale of research translation into healthcare and community health.