What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are the backbone of medical research; not only do they provide a key link between basic scientific research and full implementation, they also give patients access to new treatments and therapeutics with the potential to deliver better results than current standards of practice.

A clinical trial is a trial conducted with patients, that evaluates a new medical treatment, drug or device, or tests improved procedures of treating, preventing, screening for and diagnosing different diseases in patients. Researchers undertaking clinical trials involving human participants must provide detailed, accurate, and understandable information about the clinical trial to participants at the time of seeking Informed Consent to help the patient decide whether they want to participate.

Without clinical trials we cannot drive medical care forward.  However people working in this field know how difficult it can be to succeed in patient recruitment for clinical trials and other research. We know it can take a lot of work to get eligible patients recruited for a study. What's more, the process involved - especially when conducting studies across multiple sites - can often be long and convoluted.