• Audit existing research and clinical programs, and review evidence to inform innovative practice
  • Enable strength-based patient-centric, collaborative research with children, adolescents, families, local communities, clinicians and health service managers
  • Impact health outcomes through a co-ordinated translational research strategy that addresses implementation gaps, leverages funding opportunities, and allows scale-up
  • Educate and foster the next generation of clinical researchers using strength-based and culturally capable approaches to implementation research with priority populations


  • Systematic review of for interventions that assess and address vulnerability in clinical practice - Find out more
  • Conducting a gap analysis to identify programs currently applied in health services to assess and address vulnerability in clinical practice


  • Quarterly seminar program
  • Mentoring program
  • Annual showcase

Leadership Team

  • Prof. Susan Woolfenden


  • Prof. Russell Dale


  • Clin. Prof. Sameer Bhole

  • A/Prof. Philip Britton

  • Prof. Elizabeth Elliott

  • A/Prof. Jennifer Fraser

  • Dr Joanne Ging

  • Prof. Hasantha Gunasekera

  • Dr Anthony Liu

  • Prof. Natasha Nassar

  • Dr Sarah Reedman

  • Victoria Sinka

  • Prof. Rachel Skinner

  • Dr Chris Yong

Disciplines represented in the leadership team

Paediatrics, Neuroscience, Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health, Aboriginal Health, Oral Health, Public Health, Health Economics, Data Science, Implementation Research