Foster and accelerate the targeted translation of groundbreaking research into practice, to better the outcome of patients and communities affected by diabetes and obesity and across the lifespan.


  • “Addressing equity of health care for people with chronic metabolic disease” - Developing a model to improve equity in state based, national health care systems


The DO-CAG includes internationally recognised academics and clinicians with multidisciplinary expertise in diabetes and obesity across all ages. Working groups and activities cover:

  • Consumer priorities
  • Mentorship
  • Evidence reviews of research gaps
  • Equity differences in outcomes
  • Professional liaison
  • Specific research studies

Leadership Team

  • Prof. Stephen Twigg


  • Prof. Louise Baur


  • Clin. A/Prof. Ngai Wah Cheung

  • Prof. Stephen Colagiuri

  • Prof. Maria Craig

  • A/Prof. Sarah Garnett

  • A/Prof. Sarah Glastras

  • A/Prof. Samantha Hocking

  • A/Prof. Nathan Johnson

  • Clin. Prof. Glen Maberly

  • Adj. A/Prof. Margaret McGill

  • Dr Arianne Sweeting

  • Dr Kathryn Williams

  • Clin. Prof. Jencia Wong

Disciplines represented in the leadership team

Endocrinology, Paediatrics, Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, Public Health, Nutrition, Dietetics, Digital Healthcare, Exercise Physiology