• Develop a translational research approach focussing on genomic multidisciplinary models of care, genomic upskilling and education, and integration into non-genetics specialties
  • Build capacity and capabilities for better patient access to genomics and precision medicine
  • Develop sustainable and scalable models of care for implementation of precision medicine in clinical trials and therapy pathways


  • Development of an evidence-based precision medicine multidisciplinary model that can be scaled and adapted for improving uptake of genomics and precision medicine into areas of medical practice


  • Identifying key genomics and precision medicine activities and resources across precincts
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops

Leadership Team

  • Prof. Robyn Jamieson


  • Clin. A/Prof. Yemima Berman


  • Clin. Prof. Bruce Bennetts

  • Prof. John Grigg

  • Clin. A/Prof. Kristi Jones

  • Dr Alan Ma

  • Dr Amali Mallawaarachchi

  • Dr Hugh McCarthy

  • Jan Mumford

  • Dr Rosie O’Shea

  • Clin. A/Prof. Natalie Silove

  • Dr Ingrid Sinnerbrink

  • Dr Michel Tchan

Disciplines represented in the leadership team

Genomic Medicine, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Women's Health and Family Medicine, Nephrology, Metabolic Medicine, Neurogenetics, Implementation Science, Diagnostic Genomics