• Build capacity in clinical sleep research and identify relevant translational research that aligns with the health services priorities
  • Provide training opportunities for advanced trainees and clinicians who are considering involvement in research in sleep medicine


SHP funding provides support for the CAG project to expand screening and management services for patients with severe mental illness (SMI) and sleep-disordered breathing (SDB).

Additional research themes of current CAG projects also encompass narcolepsy and hypersomnolence, COPD and restless leg syndrome.


  • Planning workshops to better understand the needs of patients with narcolepsy and hypersomnolence
  • Involvement of consumers on the development of grant applications and advisor panel
  • Ongoing opportunities to introduce and educate clinicians interested in sleep research

Leadership Team

  • Prof. Brendon Yee


  • Dr Sheila Sivam


  • Dr Elizabeth Cayanan

  • Prof. Andrew Chan

  • Dr Angela D’Rozario

  • Prof. Ron Grunstein

  • Clin. A/ Prof Kristina Kairaitis

  • Prof. Tim Lambert

  • Dr Elie Matar

  • Prof. Bandana Saini

  • Dr Chris Seton

  • Clin. A/ Prof. Keith Won

Disciplines represented in the leadership team

Sleep and Respiratory Medicine, Neurology, Neurobiology, Polysomnographic Technology, Paediatrics, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Clinical Epidemiology