Feasibility and pilot studies for implementation trials are similar to those for intervention trials, but focus on developing implementation strategies, refining research methods and undertaking preliminary testing of implementation strategies. This slightly different focus often presents challenges for researchers who are new to implementation science, which we aim to address in this interactive webinar for clinician- and implementation-researchers.

In this interactive webinar, Associate Professor Joanne Shaw will provide an overview of issues to consider when conducting feasibility and pilot studies for implementation trials and illustrate how those issues played out in her pilot work for the ADAPT Program (Anxiety and Depression Pathway Program). Associate Professor Peter Grimison, Associate Professor Susanna Park & Dr Cassandra White will present case studies on their work in setting up pilot and feasibility implementation studies. This session will be moderated by Dr Ben Smith, who is working with the Translational Cancer Research Centres to build implementation science capacity and collaborations for better cancer outcomes through the Cancer Implementation Science Community of Practice.