Professor McKay leads an internationally renowned implementation science team which connects academic scholars with cross-sectoral community and government stakeholders to move research into action.

Professor McKay’s presentation - “Scaling Up Physical Activity Interventions for Older Adults: Lessons from Canada” – will provide insights gained from the Choose to Move program, which has enhanced physical activity and mobility, and decreased social isolation and loneliness, in over 30,000 older adults in British Columbia.

The Moving people, moving research seminar will also feature a presentation by the Implementation and Scale Up Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre, Dr Karen Lee. She will present on current trends in physical activity research and highlight the need for more implementation and scale-up research to translate effective interventions to impact population-level health.

This in-person only seminar will be held at the Susan Wakil Health Building, University of Sydney, and will be followed by networking drinks.