Language and translation difficulties, cultural beliefs about health, medicine and research, and a lack of existing relationships between health and medical researchers and CALD communities are some of the barriers to enrolling more CALD people in potentially life-saving trials.

Overcoming these challenges is possible.

On 20 June between 11.00 am - 12.30 pm, join us online as we discuss recruiting to hard-to-access populations for clinical trials.

Consumer representative John Stubbs will describe the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance’s efforts to improve CALD involvement in trials.

Nadine El-Kabbout, psychotherapist and life coach, will provide insight into her cancer journey and how it led to her advocacy work within multicultural communities.

Dr Rayan Saleh Moussa discusses her work in leading a program of research focused on improving CALD community access to and participation in cancer clinical trials.

Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle will talk about her work with women from refugee backgrounds.