The test bed will gather My Health Record (MHR) data from consenting individuals to determine how the information can be used to improve healthcare.

Led by Professor Clara Chow, and supported by members of the Digital Health and Informatics Network (DHIN), the project will investigate using the data to optimise patient care in Rapid Access Cardiology Clinics (RACCs) and scope the feasibility of a cardiology-specific digital application populated with information from the MHR.

The project will also research how the data can support the risk stratification of patients referred to RACCs, identify the patients who most need RACCs, reduce duplicate testing, and support improved communication between health care providers via shared health summaries.

RACCs are hospital-based, cardiologist-led, outpatient clinics that provide rapid assessment and management of cardiology patients. They aim to reduce utilisation of emergency department and inpatient resources by people who present with chest pain but who are not having a heart attack.

The first RACC pilot commenced at Westmead Hospital two years ago and Sydney Health Partners has provided a grant to support an extension of the trial to Royal Prince Alfred, Royal North Shore and Concord hospitals.

The Western Sydney Cardiology Care Test Bed team is comprised of members from The University of Sydney, Westmead Hospital, Western Sydney Local Health District, WentWest PHN and eHealth NSW.

Congratulations to the team of Professor Clara Chow, Professor Tim Usherwood, Professor Tim Shaw, Professor Naren Gunja, Professor Garry Jennings AO, Associate Professor Walter Kmet, Professor Jonathan Morris AM, Dr Monique HinesDr Felicity Gallimore and Dr Amith Shetty.

The DHIN is an open collaborative network led by the University of Sydney and Sydney Health Partners; and including the Cancer Research Network, the Charles Perkins Centre, Brain and Mind Centre, Northern Sydney Local Health District, Western Sydney Local Health District, and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network.