The DO-CAG unites more than 100 clinicians, researchers and people with lived experience in their common goal to make a substantial impact on the care of individuals with diabetes and obesity.

Co-chair of the CAG, Professor Stephen Twigg, said the group’s ambitious vision is to bridge the gap between clinicians, academics, consumers and other stakeholders.

“We want to foster meaningful, equitable and practice-changing research that is translatable to clinical practice, harness the energy of our early and mid-career researchers and grow our network,” Professor Twigg said at the launch.

“And at the end of the day it’s all about not losing sight of what it’s at the centre of all we do: improving the care of people with diabetes and obesity and those at risk.”

The DO-CAG has commenced several initial projects, spanning lifestyle adjustments, dietary studies, virtual care, and post-surgery perspectives on diabetes and obesity-related complications.

L-R: Sumathy Ravi, Dr Ariane Sweeting, Dr Hiba Jebeile, Dr Natassia Rodrigo, Prof. Louise Baur, Sally Badorrek, Dr Kristine Bell, A/Prof. Nathan Johnson, Dr Xi May Zhen, Prof. Stephen Twigg

The CAG is also aiming to identify and address disparities in diabetes and obesity care while focusing on outcome priorities for consumers.

"People who live with obesity or diabetes and the researcher teams and clinicians have to be partners in this," says health consumer advocate Dominic Speranza, who was diagnosed with diabetes in his early 20s.

"We really need that partnership to strengthen, so people with lived experience are heard and our feedback can shape future research and improvements in health care."

DO-CAG leadership team member, Adjunct Associate Professor Margaret McGill, says the group is committed to understanding that people are at the heart of healthcare.

“We believe in the strength of working closely together with our consumers with lived experience,” she said.

“The success of improving the lives of those managing obesity or diabetes truly relies on collaboration and partnership.”