• Support scoping of virtual care implementation across Sydney Health Partners acute and chronic disease services
  • Deliver a health economic evaluation framework for virtual care services to support consistent evaluation of virtual care from service, clinician and consumer perspectives
  • Facilitate an evidence-based approach to virtual care by supporting the development of grant and funding applications
  • Share learnings from implementation research projects and virtual care services
  • Work with external stakeholders, including NSW Health and industry, to foster collaborative research and capacity-building



  • leverage existing Australian tools to build an evaluation framework for virtual care services
  • build capacity across university research groups to deliver a cost-benefit analysis of virtual care services across Sydney Health Partners

Gather information on virtual models of care including implementation, governance, evaluation and workforce arrangements across Sydney Health Partners acute and chronic disease services. Learnings from this audit will be used to prepare evidence-based guidelines on developing and implementing virtual models of care either as a standalone service or distributed across acute services.


Explore the perspectives of stakeholders involved in GP advice lines delivered by virtual care services across Sydney Health Partners to support coordinated remote patient management in primary care

During year 1, the CAG identified 9 key priorities for translational research from 66 evidence-practice gaps across 6 domains of virtual care.

Over 25 interviews were undertaken with health professionals, managerial/clinical leads and consumers across Sydney Health Partners acute services. Key priorities from these interviews were ranked by health stakeholders (including representatives from academia) in multiple workshops to prioritise translational research projects.

Findings from this priority-setting exercise have informed multiple projects including a health economic evaluation and audit of virtual care services.

Leadership Team

  • Prof. Tim Shaw


  • Prof. Clara Chow


  • Prof. Jennifer Allison

  • Prof. Melissa Baysari

  • Dr Rebecca Davis

  • Amie Donnelly

  • Dr Owen Hutchings

  • Adam Johnston

  • Aaron Jones

  • A/Prof. Christina Igasto

  • Dr Liliana Laranjo

  • Dr Meredith Makeham

  • A/Prof. Sarah Norris

  • Dr Angus Ritchie

  • Dr Fiona Robinson

  • Miranda Shaw

  • Dr Jagdev Singh

  • Alexandra Wagstaff

  • Dr Pearl Wang

  • Chenyao (Jerry) Yu

Disciplines represented in the leadership team

Digital Health, Cardiology, Clinical Services, Medical Information/Administration, Primary Care, Evaluation, Health Economics/Policy, Consumer Engagement


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